In the shadow of your grid data lurks the high cost of a security or compliance failure

GRIDEON‘s mission is to provide secure, compliant and efficient grid data collaboration, integration and management

For the benefit of the utility ecosystem

What is secure grid data exchange?

Simplified and standardized grid communications that reduce cyber-security exposures, improve resiliency, and maximize compliance. It eliminates the need for expensive private communications networks and outdated point-to-point systems and improved operational efficiency of the modern grid value chain with more DERs and fewer CO2 emissions.

What is GRIDEON?

It’s a service…GRIDEON is an open-source suite of easy to use cloudbased Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, technologies, enablement and support services, and standards that provide the full set of capabilities required to instantiate any type of secure grid data exchange. It efficiently ensures secure and compliant grid data exchange among electric ecosystem participants encompassing the entire electric value chain from generation to consumers (prosumers) spanning business and real-time operations.

GridBright has developed GRIDEON under a DOE ARPA-E ( award in collaboration with a team of cybersecurity and utility industry experts from BetterGrids Foundation (, Midcontinent Independent System Operator (, and Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative ( Over 40 organizations across the grid value chain have contributed to defining the requirements for GRIDEON.

Why it matters

88% of enterprises have large numbers of file folders open to everyone

63% of data breaches are caused by employee and contractor negligence

3X increase in size of large NERC fines in the last year. Large fines now >$10M

2.71X the cost of mitigating non-compliance vs proactively managing compliance

$136 per breached record liability cost in energy sector with 3 actions — robust encryption, DLP and compliance

1 in 3 breaches lead to job loss >40% of them senior non-IT and C level executives

GRIDEON = Innovation the industry needs

In the cloud

Cloud computing is now well established as a core technology for this and future computing eras

Active classification

the idea that at appropriate intervals, counterparties to data exchanges need to be revalidated across all the elements that permitted them to exchange initially

In any time

Data exchanges occur across various time domains

How it works Rich set of services that provide you the capability to…

Know Your Counterparty
Know Your Process
Know Your Data

Data Rights Management
Guide what happens after it is exchanged
Data Loss Prevention
Control what is exchanged
Secure what is exchanged
Manage who exchanges what

Grid data security risks are are your management and compliance costs.

You need trusted business services that are efficient, secure and compliant.


Cheaper than inhouse alternatives

Simple to use

Standardized processes


Highest level of security | Your data is safe and never lost.

Robust in policy & process enforcement | Automated workflow.


A complete non repudiable record of all data exchange | Maintained for as long as you need.

Addresses utility specific requirements | Deep analytics capability

How GRIDEON can keep your data exchange secure and compliant
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